Animal Wall Art Prints by Lee Mitchelson

Dog Prints (Coming Soon)

Rabbit Art Prints (Coming Soon)

These Animal Wall Art Prints on Canvas Are the Highest Quality Available

  •  I searched high and low for a trusted printing partner for my art. I'm happy to say these prints are made in the U.S.A. (Arkansas) by a small, family owned company, and are offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied when you receive your canvas print, we will either remake it or refund your money (read more). 
  • They are printed with commercial-grade ink meant for outdoor use because it stands up to moisture, resists fading, and lasts a very long time. The inks are UV resistant, so they will literally last a lifetime on your wall without fading, as long as your art is mounted out of the sun. (Always avoid hanging your art in direct sunlight, as the inks will start fading after three years.)
  • The canvas used is specifically designed for the high-end fine art market, and is also made in the USA (Texas). Extensive independent testing by a UKAS accredited laboratory has concluded that this canvas meets and exceeds the standards set forth by the Fine Art Trade Guild for pH and light fastness. The Fine Art Trade Guild has established these standards in order to protect the interests of consumers. Consumers who buy products that meet the Fine Art Trade Guild standards can be confident that the art and framing supplies they use are archival.

Tips for Decorating with Animal Wall Art Prints

1. Buy what you love! Art should make you smile. Please yourself, since you'll be looking at it all the time. The most important question to ask is, "How does this make me feel?" A great piece of art will fit the atmosphere of your home as well as your personality. 

2. Your artwork can complement similar colors in the room, or bring in accent colors. If you have a grouping of artwork in the same room, they can be united by theme, color, style, or framing. 

3. If creating a grouping, choose an odd number of items with a central focal point. Or, create a symmetrical arrangement with an even number. Don't have too much empty space between pieces. 2-3 inches is enough. Play with the layout by arranging pieces on the floor first, or use paper templates or painter's tape on the wall. If you are combining large and small pieces, have the largest in the middle and work around it.

4. An asymetrical arrangement of animal wall art prints can be perfect for a collector who plans to add to the grouping. Start in the center and work outward as you acquire more pieces.

5. Hang the center of the painting or grouping at eye level. In the living room, where people will spend most of their time sitting, eye level will be lower. Artwork above the sofa should be 5-6 inches above the back.

6. Artwork above something large like the sofa, bed, or sideboard should take up about 2/3 the space. For example, a painting or grouping of art over a 7.5' sofa would be approximately 5 feet wide.

7. A vertical arrangement is perfect for narrow spaces, such as between windows.

8. In the kitchen, hang artwork away from moisture and heat. Above open counter space or in a breakfast nook would be ideal.

9. When hanging multiple pieces of various sizes around a room, level the middles rather than trying to line up the tops or bottoms.

10. Rather than hanging art on the walls, think about leaning artwork on a shelf or mantle.

11. To showcase art in a stairwell, choose an oversized piece to make a focal point on a landing or at the top of the stairs (this idea also looks great at the end of a hallway). Or cascade an asymetrical collection along the stairwell.

12. Consider "framing" your television with a collection of animal wall art prints.